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2019 NFL Draft

Preston Williams

WR/Colorado State

  • N/A
  • YearRS Junior
  • Height6-4
  • Weight211
  • HandN/A
  • ArmN/A
  • 40-yard4.59
  • BenchN/A
  • VerticalN/A
  • BroadN/A
  • 3-coneN/A
  • 20-yardN/A
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Production (96 receptions in 2018). Plays faster than he times. Adjusts to throws. Size and length give him an advantage. Strong. Good hands -- snatches the ball. Strong runner after the catch. Does a good job breaking down to get out of cuts fairly quickly. Willing blocker.

    Weak Points: Pro Day Workout was very average for a wide receiver. Not as fast or explosive as expected. Off-field issues prevented Williams from working out at the combine (2017 arrests for misdemeanor tampering and harassment and a protective order violation). Limited route tree. Has some concentration drops. Because of transfer, he really only has one year of college production.

    The Way We See It: Williams is a talented and productive wide receiver who may not get drafted because of his off-field issues and average workout. He started out at Tennessee but transferred to Colorado State after coaching change. He is still raw but has the ability to become an eventual starting possession receiver and threat if he stays out of trouble. Because his arrest stems from allegedly shoving and restraining a woman, there will be some teams that won't touch him. Interviews will be extremely important to this player, a wild card who could go anywhere from the fourth round to undrafted. Each club will look at him differently.

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