2019 NFL Draft

Nate Davis


  • B
    Round 4
  • YearRS Senior
  • Height6-3
  • Weight316
  • Hand9
  • Arm33 ⅛
  • 40-yard5.23
  • Bench23
  • Vertical26.0
  • Broad107.0
  • 3-cone7.94
  • 20-yard4.83
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Very strong and explosive. Consistently looks to finish. Comes off the ball low and shows snap on contact to generate movement. Looks for a second block. In pass pro, he has a strong punch, mirror skills and feet to recover back to the inside. Plays with bend. When he sits, he isn't getting moved.

    Weak Points: A college tackle, he'll have to convert to guard (arms too short for tackle (32 ")). Needs to improve hand use -- they are too low coming out of stance and that exposes his chest to opponent. Snap reaction must improve.

    The Way We See It: Davis excites me because of what he can be, not what he is. He played right tackle at Charlotte but will be too short to do it in the pros, where he will have to move inside. Davis is strong, aggressive and goes after his opponent relentlessly until that opponent is on his back. Davis is quick out of his stance, but his snap reaction needs to improve. He easily gets to the second level, where he adjusts on the fly. In pass pro, Davis carries his hands low but he has a strong punch and anchors very well. He has the feet and lateral agility to slide and recover. Overall, Davis is still a bit raw but just needs time and coaching. He will eventually be a starter, and a good one. He might even be able to play center.

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