2019 NFL Draft

Michael Deiter


  • B
    Round 3
  • YearRS Senior
  • Height6-5
  • Weight309
  • Hand10
  • Arm33 ⅛
  • 40-yard5.23
  • Bench21
  • Vertical28.0
  • Broad105.0
  • 3-cone7.88
  • 20-yard4.81
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Tall, strong and explosive. Started 54 career games, spending time at tackle, guard and center. Good leader. Strong run blocker -- low out of his stance, snap in his hips and a people mover. Sets quickly in pass protection, getting his hands on his opponent and keeping them inside. Good mirror skills and strong anchor.

    Weak Points: Must add a little bulk to his frame. Has short arms for a 6-foot-5 lineman. Lacks the arm length and lateral agility to play tackle at the NFL level.

    The Way We See It: Deiter is one of the most versatile linemen in this draft, faring well at left tackle, left guard and center during his time at Wisonsin. He will be an inside player at the NFL level, however, because of his short arms and average lateral agility but could very well start inside as a rookie. If he doesn't start, Deter will dress because of his impressive positional flexibility. Deiter is a very smart player who understands the position and angles. He easily has enough strength to compete in the NFL but could use a bit more bulk. With his Wisconsin pedigree and vast starting experience, Deiter is ready for the NFL game.

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