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2019 NFL Draft

Joshua Miles

G/Morgan State

  • C
    Round 6
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-5
  • Weight314
  • Hand10
  • Arm35 ⅝
  • 40-yard5.32
  • BenchN/A
  • Vertical36.0
  • Broad109.0
  • 3-cone8.07
  • 20-yard4.75
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Size -- growth potential to 315 pounds. Good athlete. Dominates a lower level of competition. Strong week of practice at the East-West Shrine Game, where he showed he could play against better competition. Good run blocker at the FCS level. Shows he can set quickly in pass protection and mirror against lesser competition. Flexibility. Competitiveness.

    Weak Points: Missed all of the 2017 season because he was academically ineligible. Poor technique -- all over the place with his hands and doesn't consistently get, keep good positioning. Built like a tackle but will have to play guard at next level. Must add strength and bulk.

    The Way We See It: An interesting FCS prospect, Miles has natural physical tools but is very raw. He missed all of 2017 with an academic suspension, hurting his development. He is tall, very long and athletic but will need to get bigger and stronger and hone his technique. He has too much natural talent not to get drafted, however, Miles most likely will need a year on the practice squad to refine and perfect his technique. Because of his suspension, interviews and private workouts will be particularly important for coaches to find out if he is a rep guy. (Does he need practice repetitions to learn?) Miles will be an interesting prospect to monitor during the pre-draft process.

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