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2019 NFL Draft

Jonah Williams


  • A
    Round 1
  • YearJunior
  • Height6-4
  • Weight302
  • Hand10 ⅛
  • Arm33 ⅝
  • 40-yard5.12
  • Bench23
  • Vertical28.0
  • Broad100.0
  • 3-cone8.01
  • 20-yard4.79
  • 60-yardN/A

Strong Points: Three-year starter with experience at left tackle and right tackle. Very durable -- never missed a game. Good size with the frame to get bigger. Plays with very good strength and explosion. Really good athlete for the position. Dominant as a run and pass blocker. Consistently gets movement with his run blocks and easily gets to second level. Sets quickly in pass pro -- can slide and recover, mirror and anchor. Has long arms and very good hand use. Plays a physical game and always looks to finish.

Weak Points: Really none but because he's so young, will he be emotionally mature enough to play and compete against men?

The Way We See It: Coming out of high school, Williams was a 5-star recruit who received offers from all the country's top programs. Graduated early and enrolled in January of 2016. Has been a starter since the first game of his freshman year. Has started 42 straight games. Played right tackle as a freshman and then moved to the left side his sophomore year. On tape, he makes things look easy playing against the top competition of the SEC. Easily cuts off wide speed and anchors vs. power. Tough, strong and competitive. Does everything well and should be a plug-and-play rookie. Will most likely be the first offensive linemen drafted. Better player than Mike McGlinchey, who was the first tackle selected in 2018 (No. 10 overall by the 49ers). If he tests out OK, Williams should be a top-5 selection.

Hub Arkush: Williams is the best natural left tackle in this Draft which leaves me to wonder why so many are projecting him at guard when left tackle is the most important position on the line and naturals there are the hardest to find. A five star recruit out of high school in California he was true freshman starter at right tackle for the Tide before taking over at left tackle in 2017 and 2018. Williams didn't miss a start in three seasons and is a phenomenal athlete for a man his size. Size is the reason he is often projected at guard though because at 6-4, 302 he is a bit small for tackle and his 33 ½ inch arms are just a tad shorter than you'd like. You have to love Williams' response to that concern though as he said at the Combine, "If my fingers were just an inch or two longer I'd be a great football player." Williams is extremely bright and a great technician in spite of still being very young and he should have an outstanding career at whichever position he ends up.

Best Fit: Jets, Bills, Broncos, Bengals

Red Flags: Short arms, experienced but still very young, lacks natural bulk, can get emotional and lose technique

NFL Comp: Nate Solder, Jake Matthews, David Bakhtiari

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