2019 NFL Draft

Elgton Jenkins

C/Mississippi State

  • B
    Round 3
  • YearRS Senior
  • Height6-4
  • Weight310
  • Hand10
  • Arm34
  • 40-yard5.25
  • Bench29
  • Vertical28.0
  • Broad109.0
  • 3-cone7.77
  • 20-yard4.62
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Requisite size, strength and arm length to be a very good center. Even-cut frame with a big butt. Strong. Never off his feet. Plays with bend and a strong anchor. Productive as both a run and pass blocker. Gets out into space. Athleticism to also play guard and tackle.

    Weak Points: Poor technique, but that is how he was taught Big and strong, but he absorbs blows instead of delivering them when he comes out of his stance. Must improve his hand use -- often drops his hands before shooting them.

    The Way We See It: Jenkins has the natural physical traits to become a rock-solid center or guard at the next level. He must be taught better technique, as he seldom attacks his opponent, instead waiting and absorbing the blow instead of delivering it. He has the strength and power to gain leverage, but it takes time that he won't have in the NFL. He also drops his hands before shooting them, more often in pass protection than with run blocks. He plays with natural bend and anchors very well. All these "negatives" can be corrected with NFL coaching. Jenkins is a smart, aware blocker who makes all the line calls. He will be a work in progress but has all the necessary tools to thrive in time.

    Hub Arkush: Jenkins is the Swiss Army Knife of offensive linemen in this Draft having played 49 games over four years at Mississippi St. but he spread them across four of the five spots up front starting games everywhere but right guard. Jenkins got the bulk of his starts at center and at 6-4, 310 pounds that appears to be his most natural position at the next level. Jenkins is extremely cerebral about the game allowing him to learn every position up front and in college he has made all the line calls and shown outstanding leadership. He is equally adept blocking the run and in pass protection and should be capable of starting at center as a rookie. Jenkins handles the ball extremely well and shotgun snaps are not a concern. Jenkins will need some solid coaching early as his technique suffers at times, possible from having moved to so many different positions.

    Best Fit: Giants, Jets, Dolphins, Broncos

    Red Flags: Technique, aggressiveness, lacks a natural position

    NFL Comp: Cody Whitehair, Mitch Morse

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