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2019 NFL Draft

Cody Ford


  • A
    Round 1-2
  • YearRS Junios
  • Height6-4
  • Weight329
  • Hand9
  • Arm34
  • 40-yard5.21
  • Bench19
  • Vertical28.5
  • Broad104.0
  • 3-cone8.27
  • 20-yard4.87
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Great size and length. Very good natural strength. Stays on his feet. Good run blocker who gets movement. Reaches the second level. Shows he can pull and adjust on the move. Starting experience at both tackle and guard. Patient in pass pro. Slides and recovers and anchors well. Alert for stunts and blitzes. Good with combo blocks.

    Weak Points: Durability -- missed time in 2016 and 2017 with injuries. Possesses short-area quickness but lacks speed. Sometimes slow to his block when asked to pull. Plays too tall from a 2-point stance. A little short for the position.

    The Way We See It: Ford is a fourth-year junior who redshirted in 2015, then started three games at left guard in 2016 before fracturing his leg and missing the rest of season. He missed two games in 2017 with an injury but started four games and played in 11 at left guard. Moved to right tackle in 2018, when he started every game. Massive man with very good natural strength and power. He might be a bit short for a tackle but has very long arms. Strong run and pass blocker who can mirror and anchor in pass pro and get movement with run blocks. Quick in close confines but hardly a burner. Will start out as a backup at both guard and tackle in the NFL but could eventually start at either spot. Should be a starter by Year 2. Might be best off at guard but can play tackle. Versatility is a plus.

    Hub Arkush: Ford is the best pure guard in this Draft but at 6-4, 330 pounds right tackle, where he started 14 games for the Sooners in 2018 and earned first team All Big 12 honors isn't out of the question. Those 330 pounds are more natural body mass that weight room bulk which allows Ford to carry it much easier and be much more athletic in his movements than you expect from a man his size. It also leads to more natural strength, which NFL coaches love in their offensive linemen. The big concern Ford comes with is he did struggle to stay healthy at Oklahoma and will have to demonstrate he can stay on the field.

    Best Fit: 49ers, Giants, Jaguars, Packers

    Red Flags: Durability, speed, slightly short for tackle, only 21 college starts

    NFL Comp: Andrew Norwell, Ramon Foster

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