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2019 NFL Draft

Cody Barton


  • B
    Round 4-5
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-2
  • Weight237
  • Hand9
  • Arm31 ⅞
  • 40-yard4.64
  • Bench30
  • Vertical32.5
  • Broad116.0
  • 3-cone6.90
  • 20-yard4.03
  • 60-yard11.47

    Strong Points: Productive final year at Utah with 116 total tackles. Very good testing athlete -- and it shows with his play. Fairly good instincts to find the ball. Quick with his pass drop, gets depth and plays with awareness in zone. Sure tackler both in space and in tight. A run-and-hit style of player.

    Weak Points: Weighed just 227 pounds at East-West Game, and then 237 a month later in Indy. Often those weights are false and he will need to be re-weighed at the Utah Pro Day. Doesn't always play to timed speed. Weight room strength (30 reps) but don't see that on the field. Only one year as a starter. Does more slipping of blocks than taking on and shedding.

    The Way We See It: Barton showed vast improvement in his play from 2017 to last season, when he was a full-time starter and one of Utah's better defensive players. He has good instincts and key-and-diagnose skills, and finds a way to make plays. Though he tests out as being very strong, Barton doesn't always show that on the field. He has to become more of a force at the point of attack. He can play in coverage, and he's a good pursuit player. Barton will come in as a backup and special teams player but has a chance to eventually start after he gains more experience. The upside is there with his athletic traits and competitive nature.

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