2019 NFL Draft

Chris Lindstrom

G/Boston College

  • A
    Round 2
  • YearSenior
  • Height6-4
  • Weight308
  • Hand9
  • Arm34 ⅛
  • 40-yard4.91
  • Bench25
  • Vertical30.5
  • Broad117.0
  • 3-cone7.61
  • 20-yard4.54
  • 60-yardN/A

    Strong Points: Good size for a guard, with easily the growth potential to 310 pounds. Long arms (34 1/8"). Well-coached and technique-sound. Never off his feet. Quick snap reaction. Snap in his hips on contact. Stays low, drives his feet and gets some movement with run blocks. Consistently effective on combo blocks. Pulls and adjusts in space. Plays with bend, anchors and mirrors in pass protection. Keeps his hands inside.

    Weak Points: Mostly little things: must get a little stronger; average speed; gets a bit deep into the backfield when he pulls.

    The Way We See It: Lindstrom became a starter early on as a freshman. He played mostly right guard but also some tackle in 2017. There's a lot to like about Lindstrom, who is a consistent run and pass blocker. Similar to most college linemen, he will need to get a little stronger; otherwise, he has a very solid game. Lindstrom should become a starter early in his career. Some clubs might try him at center, where he also appears to have standout traits. Lindstrom has a lot of upside, and I think he is going to be a very good NFL lineman.

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