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2019 NFL Draft

Andre Dillard

OT/Washington State

  • A
    Round 1
  • YearRS Senior
  • Height6-5
  • Weight315
  • Hand10
  • Arm33
  • 40-yard4.96
  • Bench24
  • Vertical29.0
  • Broad118.0
  • 3-cone7.44
  • 20-yard4.40
  • 60-yardN/A

Strong Points: Adequate size. Very good athlete for the position. Excellent lateral agility -- light and quick on his feet. Natural bender. Good hand use -- keeps them high and active. Good mirror skills in pass pro. Alert for stunts and blitzes. Recovers quickly vs. counter moves. Good run blocker who gets, keeps proper position. Solid in space -- efficient reaching the second level. Very durable.

Weak Points: Needs to add some bulk and strength (especially in lower body). At times gives too much ground to good bull rushers. Does not consistently create movement with run blocks.

The Way We See It: Dillard is a three-year starter at left tackle (39 consecutive starts) with ideal athleticism for the position. He is quick moving his feet and bends naturally. Dillard has very good mirror skills in pass protection, having gained a ton of experience playing in a pass-first offense. He handles speed well but still must add some strength and bulk to grapple with NFL bull rushers. He is a good (not great) run blocker who gets good position and easily reaches the second level. But, like in pass pro, Dillard needs to get a little bigger and stronger. He already has most of the natural traits required to enjoy a very good career. Despite a few shortcomings, Dillard should be a rookie starter with a bright future.

Arthur Arkush: Dillard is a pass-protecting robot whose feet, fluidity and repetition are a marvel. 315-pound men should not be this nimble, and one has to grind a lot of film before finding much fault in Dillard's work protecting Gardner Minshew last season. His technique is as sound as his agility is rare: Dillard keeps his man at bay with quick, active hands and shows the ability and alertness to locate and stymie extra rushers. Dillard might not be instant coffee coming from the Air Raid scheme, as he'll have to play in tighter confines in the NFL and will be asked to do a lot more in the run game. We'd also love to see a bit more nasty and attitude from Dillard as a finisher, but it's not every year we see a prospect with his advanced pass-blocking prowess.

Best Fit: Jets, Giants, Bills, Bengals, Panthers

Red Flags: None

NFL Comp: Tyron Smith

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