2019 NFL Draft

Projections: Undrafted

Player NamePosSchoolProj
Rodney Anderson Running Back Oklahoma RND 2-UFA
Porter Gustin Edge USC RND 3-UFA
Tyler Roemer Offensive Tackle San Diego State RND 4-UFA
Bryce Love Running Back Stanford RND 5-UFA
Corey Ballentine Cornerback Washburn RND 6-UFA
Jimmy Moreland Cornerback James Madison RND 6-UFA
Alex Bars Guard Notre Dame RND 6-UFA
Sam Mustipher Center Notre Dame RND 7-UFA
Jalen Jelks Edge Oregon RND 7-UFA
Austin Seibert Specialists Oklahoma RND 7-UFA
James O'Hagan Center Buffalo RND 7-UFA
Matt Gay Specialists Utah UFA

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