2019 NFL Draft

Wide Receiver

Player NameSchoolProj
D.K. Metcalf Ole Miss RND 1
A.J. Brown Ole Miss RND 1
N'keal Harry Arizona State RND 1-2
Parris Campbell Ohio State RND 1-2
Marquise Brown Oklahoma RND 1-2
Deebo Samuel South Carolina RND 2
Hakeem Butler Iowa State RND 2
Jalen Hurd Baylor RND 3
JJ Arcega-Whiteside Stanford RND 3
Riley Ridley Georgia RND 3
Kelvin Harmon North Carolina State RND 3
Anthony Johnson Buffalo RND 3-4
David Sills West Virginia RND 4
Penny Hart Georgia State RND 4
Miles Boykin Notre Dame RND 4
Jazz Ferguson Northwestern State RND 4
Antoine Wesley Texas Tech RND 4
Lil'Jordan Humphrey Texas RND 4-5
Terry McLaurin Ohio State RND 4-5
Mecole Hardman Georgia RND 4-5
Jamal Custis Syracuse RND 5
Ryan Davis Auburn RND 5
Jakobi Meyers North Carolina State RND 5
Anthony Ratliff-Williams North Carolina RND 5-6
Andy Isabella Massachusetts RND 6
Gary Jennings West Virginia RND 6
Damarkus Lodge Ole Miss RND 6
Hunter Renfrow Clemson RND 6
Travis Fulgham Old Dominion RND 6
Johnnie Dixon Ohio State RND 6-7
Stanley Morgan Jr. Nebraska RND 6-7
Emanuel Hall Missouri RND 6-7
Dillon Mitchell Oregon RND 7
Cody Thompson Toledo RND 7
KeeSean Johnson Fresno State RND 7
Preston Williams Colorado State
Jamarius Way South Alabama

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