2019 NFL Draft

Inside Linebacker

Player NameSchoolProj
Devin White LSU RND 1
Devin Bush Michigan RND 1
Vosean Joseph Florida RND 2
Gary Johnson Texas RND 2-3
Mack Wilson Alabama RND 3
Bobby Okereke Stanford RND 3
Drue Tranquill Notre Dame RND 3-4
Blake Cashman Minnesota RND 3-4
Germaine Pratt North Carolina State RND 4
Te'Von Coney Notre Dame RND 4
Ben Burr-Kirven Washington RND 4
Otaro Alaka Texas A&M RND 3-4
T.J. Edwards Wisconsin RND 4-5
Sione Takitaki BYU RND 4-5
Tre Lamar Clemson RND 4-5
Cody Barton Utah RND 4-5
Cameron Smith USC RND 5
Sutton Smith Northern Illinois RND 5
Joe Giles-Harris Duke RND 5
David Long West Virginia RND 5
Khalil Hodge Buffalo RND 6
Emeke Egbule Houston RND 6
Tre Watson Maryland RND 6
Deshaun Davis Auburn RND 6
Tuf Borland Ohio State
Kendall Joseph Clemson

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