2019 NFL Draft

Defensive Tackle

Player NameSchoolProj
Quinnen Williams Alabama RND 1
Rashan Gary Michigan RND 1
Dexter Lawrence Clemson RND 1
Zach Allen Boston College RND 2
Ed Oliver Houston RND 1-2
Trysten Hill Central Florida RND 1-3
Christian Wilkins Clemson RND 2
Jerry Tillery Notre Dame RND 2
Isaiah Buggs Alabama RND 3
Charles Omenihu Texas RND 3-4
Gerald Willis III Miami (FL) RND 3-5
L.J. Collier TCU RND 3-4
Dre'mont Jones Ohio State RND 4
Daniel Wise Kansas RND 5
Jeffery Simmons Mississippi State RND 4-5
Greg Gaines Washington RND 5
Daylon Mack Texas A&M RND 5
Khalen Saunders Western Illinois RND 5
Kingsley Keke Texas A&M RND 5-6
Terry Beckner Jr. Missouri RND 6
Dontavius Russell Auburn RND 6-7
Renell Wren Arizona State RND 7

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