Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky stands out on the field during a time out late in their game against the New Orleans Saints Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field in Chicago.
Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky stands out on the field during a time out late in their game against the New Orleans Saints Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field in Chicago. — Mark Busch -

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Mitch is going to be a project. Nagy is a young coach. This will work. Just need time and reps. Pace knew this going in. Do you think last year was a fluke? Submitted by Kurtis Kurtoniann

Kurtis, I don’t think last year was a fluke, but it was all about the defense. New coordinator this year, second-best player Hicks goes down, now captain in Trevathan goes down, not getting all the bounces they got last year — you can see why the defense has slipped but the talent is still there to be a top group.

The problem is the offense, while below average last year, was at least improving and making occasional plays, and this year they’re one of the worst in the league and there are no signs of progress.

It’s definitely not all on Trubisky but a chunk of it is, and the big issue is I’m not as confident as you are he’s going to work out.

I’m also not in anywhere near as big a hurry as most of the fan base — and quite honestly the media — are to write him off. It could still work, but we’re just not seeing enough signs that it will.

He has the physical tools to be very good if not great. It just feels to me like Nagy and his staff have too short a leash and the reins way too tight on him, and what I’ve noticed the past few weeks is the possibility that he may be a bit more immature for 25 than I realized.

I don’t get anywhere near enough time with him to justify that opinion — and I hope I’m wrong — but there have been a few moments in recent weeks where he seemed more pouty than focused and that is an awful look on an NFL QB.

He did play better against the Lions, and I’m anxious to see what he does these last seven weeks.

With the talent they do have, though, there’s no reason to believe the Bears aren’t capable of bouncing back and being a playoff contender again next season.

How many drinks does one have to consume during the course of a Bears game to make Mitch Trubisky look like a top 30 QB? Submitted by Dave William

Sorry Dave, I’ve never experienced alcohol improving my eye sight or causing me to see things that aren’t really there.

Actually, I guess that’s a good thing?

Trubisky is already a top 30 QB in the NFL but he isn’t top 20 yet, and when you trade up for the second overall pick in the draft, that’s what you have to get to justify the pick.

Because he was so raw and inexperienced when the Bears drafted him, there is still plenty of time for him to develop, but we haven’t seen a lot of signs so far this season that it’s coming.

Are the Bears in QB hell? It seems like the team’s most likely path forward is a second chance guy like Mariota next year. That’ll last a year or two, everyone will get fired, and then another first round QB gets a shot. Submited by Billy Kulpa

Huh, Mariota? Why not Teddy Bridgewater?

Billy, I wouldn’t say they’re in QB hell. Contrary to what fans want to hear, it is still way too early to quit on Mitch. He certainly is frustrating right now, though.

It does seem likely they will bring in a second chance guy to compete with Mitch, and the reason everybody seems to focus on Mariota are the rumors from Pace’s rookie year that he considered trading up for Mariota, and of course Bears offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich was his head coach at Oregon.

The problem with Bridgewater for the Bears is he’s going to be looking to go somewhere as the starter and to get paid like a starter, and I don’t see the Bears going that route.

It is possible Nick Foles could be free again if the Jaguars are unable to trade him, but that seems unlikely.

It’s probably 55-45 right now that Jameis Winston isn’t re-signed by the Bucs but those odds have fluctuated wildly each week as Winston continues his up and down NFL roller coaster ride.

Though we think Mariota will be cut loose in Tennessee, Ryan Tannehill could be too, and the Panthers might try to trade Cam Newton, whom they will have to at least consider cutting for a $19 million cap savings if a deal can't be struck.

Joe Flacco will almost certainly be available, and don’t be at all surprised if Ben Roethlisberger is for the right price in a trade too.

If Josh Rosen can’t claim the job in Miami this year it seems impossible he will next year so he becomes an option, and 49ers backup Nick Mullens will draw some interest too.

It is likely to be a quarterback-rich first round for teams looking to draft their guy of the future, so the Bears will have a ton of choices for competition for Mitch.

Mariota just seems like the front-runner at the moment.

Why do the Bears not have someone above Ryan Pace who knows football? George McCaskey and Ted Phillips are businessmen. We need a check and balance on the GM. Submitted by Timothy McKay

I’m sorry, Tim, but why would they? The G.M. is the top “football guy” in almost every organization in the NFL. They hired Ryan Pace to be that guy. He was already the top scout/personnel guy in New Orleans, and he wouldn’t have left there to come to Chicago if it weren't to be the boss.

If you don’t think Pace can do the job – which I do strongly disagree with, by the way – you fire him and get somebody else. You don’t bring someone in to be his boss.

Also, how come you aren’t verified on twitter yet? You have 43k plus followers. Figured you are a candidate for a blue check mark. Submitted by Matthew LaMantia

Matt, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say but I’ll always be honest with you: I have no idea what that means or what you’re asking?

To say I’m not a fan of Twitter might be the understatement of the year, but in today’s media world if you’re not on Twitter you’re not in the biz, so I tolerate it and try to use it to build audience like everybody else, but I’ve really never learned any of the nuance it comes with or ways to use it beyond just tweeting when I remember to.

Is it good or better to be verified? ... Are there things I need to do to make it happen? ... Do I have to apply somewhere? ...

I guess the bottom-line answer is I’m probably not verified because I am one of the world’s biggest techno-boobs.

Do You have a time machine so we can we go back in time and redo the Trubisky draft - like you, Hub, I was all over Watson - totally depressing. Submitted by Tim Dusing

This is just one of those times, Tim, when I wish I’d been wrong, but to me, Watson was so clearly the number one prospect in that draft regardless of position that I may never understand what Ryan Pace and his group were thinking.

Unfortunately there are no do-overs, and like baseball, there is no crying in football, so it's time to cheer up and move on.

I will say that I have seen enough in Mitch to believe this isn’t over yet, and how rewarding would it be if he does blossom and make all the doubters eat crow? I know I would love it.

Though I do still think Mitch may be a winner in this league, if he keeps grinding and the Bears or some other team stay the course with him, what I will never understand about what Ryan was thinking was how he could ignore that Mitch couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams — who was never good enough to even stick on an NFL practice squad for two seasons — at North Carolina before finally becoming the starter, while Watson was leading his club to consecutive national championship games and Mahomes was putting up pinball machine type stats?

What do you think of Rex Grossman dad’s comment that “Chicago is where quarterbacks go to die. After Rex, Jay and now Mitch - I believe him!!! Why haven’t the bears drafted a QB every year. And start developing qb’s. Ron Wolf did. Submitted by Tony G.

Tony, those are two very different questions.

It’d be nice if Rex’s dad thought a little bit more of his son since Rex’s 11-year career with three different teams is one most NFL quarterbacks would have killed for.

To say his career died in Chicago isn’t just inaccurate, it’s sad, and the season-ending injuries Rex suffered in 2004-05 certainly weren’t the Bears fault.

What the Bears did do for Rex was make him the only quarterback in their history to lead the team to a Super Bowl in 2006.

But the real bottom line here is that it was no secret around town or Halas Hall that Dan Grossman — Rex's dad — was one of the NFL’s great “Little League Dads,” and it was probably he himself who did as much damage to Rex’s time in Chicago as the Bears.

The idea that it was the Bears’ fault that neither Rex nor Cutler ever played anywhere near up to their potential is just wrong.

We can argue with 20-20 hindsight that it was the Bears’ mistake in choosing these guys to be their franchise quarterbacks, but it certainly isn’t the organization’s fault they didn’t become the players they hoped they’d be.

In your opinion, are the Bear woes more of a coaching problem, personnel problem or on-the-field execution problem? Submitted by Jimbo

Jimbo, right now I believe the problems with the offense are probably 50 percent coaching, 20 percent quarterback play, 15 percent tight end play and 15 percent offensive tackle play.

It feels like Matt Nagy is trying to force feed “his offense” on some players who just aren’t ideally suited to play it, and his seeming resistance to doing the things they are built to do is frustrating.

It feels like he has too tight a leash on Mitch, and I think the kid could really benefit from the coaches just turning him loose, letting him be himself and using the mistakes he is certain to make as teaching tools.

Right now, Trubisky is playing so scared of making mistakes and so over-thinking things that there’s no opportunities for his special natural tools to take over.

Beyond that the Bears just aren’t talented enough right now at tight end and tackle, but they are talented enough everywhere else to be a playoff contender.

Are the Bears going to pick up Mitch’s 5th year option? Submitted by Will

Will, I can’t imagine why they would do that. Remember they didn’t with Kyle Fuller but were still able to retain him at a high price but a salary that he’s earned as an All-Pro talent, and they did it just by using a transition tag on him and then matching the offer he got from Green Bay.

Mitch is still under their control through next year, and a ton of NFL players have needed the incentive of that contract year to fully blossom.

I see a handful of potential benefits by not exercising the option, and quite frankly none if they do.

Pizza or hot wings? Submitted by Craig Thomas

Craig, I could live on either for weeks at a time. I like my wings just short of “inferno,” and while Buffalo are great, dry rub are even better.

My choices in Pizza are the original Uno and Due, then Malnati’s and next up, Aurelio’s, Giordano’s and Beggar’s are all great. If we’re talking frozen, it has to be Home Run Inn, but only the classic, not the ultra thin.

I’m good with thick or thin and my favorite combo is thin with sausage, pepperoni, green and black olives, onions and jalapenos. That puppy is a feast.

Trubisky or Hillary. Who's the bigger loser? Submitted by Pepe

Pepe, if that’s the best you got it seems pretty obvious to me ... you are!

Who goes first, Mitch, Pace or Nagy

I guess haters just have to hate? Ten months ago, Mitch was coming off his first Pro Bowl and a Bears all-time single-season passer rating record, and Pace and Nagy had just been named the NFL Executive and Coach of the Year.

Half a season later, you’re getting rid of all of them?

Clearly, we’re all frustrated right now and all three have hit speed bumps, but the idea they’re all going to fail just isn’t based in any facts ... yet.

Ask me again a year from now, I guess, if you must, because right now it doesn’t look like any of them are going anywhere soon.