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Don’t you think with extreme depth at WR it makes more sense to try Wims at Move TE to retain team talent and strengthen a weaker position rather than lose skill positions? #greatproblemtohave Submitted by Josh Cushman

Josh, the Bears potential for extreme depth at the wide receiver position is very exciting, but their proven depth at the moment doesn’t exist.

Allen Robinson is a No. 1 wideout and Pro Bowl talent when healthy, and still just 25 years old. But after Robinson . . .

Anthony Miller will most likely be the other starter this year and has shown the traits of a No. 2 who might be a No. 1 some day. But as a rookie, he had just 33-423 receiving, albeit with a very impressive seven TDs while playing with a chronic shoulder dislocation, but the reality is that’s not No. 2 production and until he does it on the field, you can’t know he’ll become that guy.

Taylor Gabriel’s 63 catches last year were true No. 3 production, but for a guy whose game is unique speed and quickness, his 10.3-yard average was disappointing, as were his two TDs.

Riley Ridley was a very good but not great college wideout who looks like he can become a No. 3 or possibly even a No. 2, but right now he’s a rookie who has yet to play a down. And Cordarrelle Patterson is a special weapon but has never established himself as a dependable NFL receiver.

Marvin Hall is a solid WR4 or WR5 and Emanuel Hall is a really exciting undrafted rookie free agent prospect who was most often banged up at Missouri, and it was revealed Wednesday that he recently underwent sports hernia surgery after making it through just the Bears rookie minicamp.

This could be a good group — maybe even a great group — but right now, Robinson is the only proven product and Wims should be allowed to compete for a WR spot until they’ve all been claimed by other teammates.

Assuming Miller, Gabriel, Ridley and E. Hall all fulfill their potential, then Wims becomes expendable.

But even at that point, do you like him as a "U" tight end because you see TE traits in him, or just because he’s 6-4, 215 and could probably add another 10-to-15 pounds?

While the "move," or "U" tight end, as Matt Nagy refers to the position in his offense, is often just an oversized or bulked-up receiver, he still has to block the run and often go head-to-head with big safeties and outside linebackers.

Though Wims could certainly carry more weight, whether that would become functional football size and he could become a quality blocker is a complete unknown right now.

I’d let him compete at wideout through training camp, and if he couldn’t win a spot I think there’s a good chance they could get him to the practice squad again and then experiment with him at tight end.

I just don’t know enough about his blocking traits or want-to, to give up on him as a receiver yet.

It's said that David Montgomery helped bring football back to Iowa State. Have you had the opportunity to see how Montgomery interacts with the other Bears' players? If so do you see that certain type of charisma in him that brings (football) people together? Submitted by Joseph Martinez

Joseph, I’ve watched Montgomery on the practice field with teammates through the five workouts media has been allowed to observe so far since he got here, and that just isn’t enough to have learned much about him yet.

You also learn a lot more about how players fit with their teammates observing them in the locker room than on the practice field and we haven’t had any open locker room with the players yet — that won’t start until the regular season.

I can tell you he is a very quiet young man who is far more likely to lead by example than speech or “charisma.”

I expect him to be a very solid football player — and perhaps much more than that — but everything I’ve learned about him so far suggests he is more likely to leave the offensive leadership and charisma roles to Trubisky, Cohen, Robinson, Miller and Long than he is to try and take them on himself.

Are you worried more about the offensive tackles or Mitchell [Trubisky]? Submitted by John Martin

John, I’m not really worried about any of them.

I’m not making any predictions for Trubisky yet, but I definitely see significant upside for him still being very achievable, and he will have to improve considerably to become a franchise quarterback. But I haven’t seen anything so far that suggests he can’t or won’t, and I continue to be encouraged by his maturity, work ethic, competitiveness and leadership abilities, and he has very strong athletic traits.

Leno and Massie are both better than average tackles whose ceilings probably aren’t much higher than that, but as long as they stay healthy they are more than good enough to win with.

The lack of a solid backup left tackle in the event of injury is one of the offense’s biggest question marks, but the addition of T. J. Clemmings could alleviate that concern.

Hub, Tyreek Hill came up in conversation...nothing been done as far as being the NFL and chiefs all about second chances or waiting for the media attention to completely die down? Is the NFL actually going to allow Hill to stay on the Chiefs roster? Submitted by Tony Guzman

Tony, I think my answer has to be none of the above. Investigations of Hill and his fiance are ongoing, and until it is determined what really did happen, how can you mete out punishment?

The Chiefs have banished him from their facilities for now, which is clearly appropriate, but my understanding is there is no video of the incident and it is basically he said/she said at this stage.

Make no mistake, as a repeat offender, Hill is certainly going to get some kind of suspension and I can’t envision it being any less than 8-10 games and it could very well be an entire season.

I think the bottom line is whether Hill did actually break his son’s arm, there is a great deal of evidence that he is still a terribly abusive domestic violence perpetrator and there should be no place in Kansas City or the NFL for him, but even the worst of the human race are guaranteed due process.

When (IF you're Doing one) is the 2019 Pro Football Weekly Preview Mag coming out? Thank u! Submitted by T Reese

T, it breaks my heart to tell you that for one of the first times in over 30 years, there will be no Pro Football Weekly NFL Preview or Fantasy Football Guide Magazines. Like so much of the media world, the magazine distribution and sales business is just broken.

We will be producing a great deal of the content that went into those magazines and making it available at

Which makes you want to leave a conversation more quickly: 1. Irrational Ryan Pace criticism 2. Irrational Mitchell criticism 3. Self-absorbed political positions 4. __________ Submitted by Jason Savage

Jason, it’s probably a hybrid of 3 and 4. 1 and 2 can be annoying, but hey, it’s part of what being a fan is all about and you have to allow fans to be fans.

Nothing makes me crazier than 3 coming from folks who don’t believe 4. It’s possible that I or anyone else could have a reasonable position as well, and do believe that I’m not entitled to have it.

Do you think any Bears RB will have more carries than pass routes run, and if so, who? Submitted by NY BearFan

All of them except Tarik Cohen. Cohen is the only Bears RB that will have more receiving targets than rushing attempts.

— Hub Arkush