Ohio State held its pro day Wednesday, when QB Dwayne Haskins got to show off his arm for GMs, coaches and scouts.

As I stated last week, when I wrote about Kyler Murray’s throwing session, I am not a big believer in quarterback pro days. I have been to several over the years, and almost all are heavily scripted events that are rehearsed several times before the actual pro day. They are designed to make the player look good by accenting his positive traits.

Much like the other QB pro days, Haskins' workout was also scripted, but I will say it was much different than Murray’s. At Murray’s workout, he did all his throws to his right, followed by the same throws to his left. They basically went through an NFL route tree and focused on Murray staying in the pocket to make his throws.

With Haskins, the throws were mixed up, much like you would see in a game. Some to the right, some to the left, and some check downs, etc. I liked this type of workout better, because Haskins couldn’t get in any type of rhythm throwing to one side of the field.

If there are some knocks on Haskins, it’s that he is a more stationary quarterback than an athletic player like Murray. To counter that, Haskins' QB guru had him make some throws while on the move to both the right and the left, as well as having to elude a pass rusher. It showed that, Haskins, though not close to being the athlete that Murray is, can move around a bit and keep plays alive with his feet.

As for the throws, I felt Haskins had a great day. He showed exceptional arm strength and zip, as well as very good accuracy and ball placement. I don’t know the exact number of throws he had, but I only saw two or at best three that were off target. He did have some throws dropped, but they were passes that were right on target. His deep throws were excellent, and he also showed that he could place the ball away from imaginary defenders.

If there was a noticeable difference between Murray and Haskins at their workouts, it was with conditioning. Murray had a fast-paced workout and he barely broke a sweat, while Haskins' workout wasn’t quite as fast-paced and we could easily see that by the end he was tired. No, I am not saying Haskins isn’t in shape; rather, Murray is in exceptional condition.

Following the workout, Haskins did about a 15-minute interview with the NFL Network and former scout Daniel Jeremiah. Haskins was very impressive in the interview, where his poise and intelligence came though very clearly. These are traits that all good quarterbacks must have.

Many feel the Giants, who have the sixth pick in the draft, will take Haskins. They did meet with him Tuesday night and again after the workout. That said, in the past two drafts, every club that selected a quarterback — except for Cleveland, which had the first overall pick last year — had to move up to get their guy. If the Giants really want Haskins, they will most likely have to move up from the sixth slot to get him. That became a near-lock after his impressive workout.