Kyler Murray l  Rob Ferguson | 2019 Feb 23
Kyler Murray l Rob Ferguson | 2019 Feb 23

INDIANAPOLIS – The measurements are in, and Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray is, well, short.

Of course, we already knew that. But now we know how short – and it turns out, it’s not as short as we thought. So there you have it.

The 2019 NFL draft’s buzziest QB prospect – a player who theoretically could go as high as the first pick in the draft – Murray checked in at 5-foot-10 1/8 inch at the NFL scouting combine. No quarterback Round 1 drafted in the NFL’s modern era has been that short.

But maybe times are changing?

More than his height, Murray’s other dimensions were noteworthy as well. He checked in at a relatively bulky 207 pounds. It had been speculated that Murray weighed somewhere around the 185-to-190-pound range for the Sooners during his Heisman Trophy-winning campaign, so this would be quite the bulk-up.

These figures come in a lot closer to Russell Wilson when he came out for the draft in 2012. Wilson, a third-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks, was measured 5-10 5/8 inches and 204 pounds. Sources indicate he’s had a decent NFL career despite that.

Also notable: Murray’s hand size. Yes, it’s that time of the draft season. Murray has 9 1/2-inch hands, which, to the uninitiated, is a little on the small size for quarterbacks. But it’s not as relatively small as his height, for instance; Jared Goff had 9-inch hands and once was the No. 1 pick, and Missouri’s Drew Lock came in at the same number this year.

You’re not hearing much about Lock's hands now, but we did spend a hot week back in the sultry days off February 2016 debating the merits of Goff. Feel free to blame Hue Jackson, who said hand size was a big deal to him. That’s over and done with now, thank god.

In our view, it’s what Murray might not be doing with his hands that matters more. A report from NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport suggested that as of Wednesday morning, Murray did not plan to throw at the combine. Would that be a good decision given that all the other top QBs have said to this point that they’re throwing? Maybe, maybe not.

After all, what if a team gave Murray a “promise” to take him high in the draft? That’s a more rare occurrence in the NFL than in other pro sports leagues, but it wouldn’t be unprecedented. It might actually go on more than we realize. But for a quarterback who is fighting size questions and who only had one – albeit a brilliant one – season of starting in college as he enters the NFL.