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[Sandy Bressner - sbressner@shawmedia.com]

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Will this Super Bowl have an asterisk next to it? Although not on the same scale like the Bears Media Guide has the 1989 Instant Replay Game... Submitted by Chuck Supple

Chuck, there are few things I have found more disappointing and annoying than the whining and crying of Saints fans and others over the missed pass interference call in the final two minutes of the NFC title game.

Was it pass interference, and should it have been called? Absolutely.

Was it the worst missed call I’ve ever seen? Absolutely not.

Was it the worst call on that day in the NFL? No. The missed facemask call against Jared Goff on the possession prior to the missed P.I. was every bit as egregious and had the exact same impact on the game. If the stripes flag it, the Rams have first-and-goal at the one, almost certainly score a touchdown and are leading 24-20 instead of tied at 20-all. If both calls are made correctly, maybe, MAYBE the Saints get a TD instead of a field goal, but they are still just leading by three, and they still have to stop the Rams from tying the game.

There was also the blatant pick play on the Chiefs 38-yard pass play to set up their final touchdown of the AFC title game that allowed them to get the game to overtime. The Patriots didn’t whine or complain; they went back to work and won the game.

If the Saints don’t allow the Rams to go down and tie the game in the final minute and a half they win the game.

If after winning the coin toss for overtime, the Saints don’t throw a pick they may very well win the game.

The officials didn’t cost the New Orleans Saints the NFC title game, the Saints did and the only thing that is truly wrong with the aftermath is how many folks insist on denying the Rams the credit they’re due for doing what they had to, just like the Patriots to get to the Super Bowl.

The two most deserving teams were definitely in Atlanta.

Why is politics a part of sports, especially when we come to sports for a rest? The Bears top needs in the 3rd RD. Will any Bears be moved for draft picks? Howard? Will the nfl rules committee change the challenge given what happen in Sunday afc champ gm?

Politics are part of sports for the same reason they are part of every other facet of our lives. Because it is politicians — some highly qualified and extremely admirable, some totally unqualified and completely repulsive and most somewhere in between — who make and administer the laws by which we lead our lives, and that govern our sports.

It’s called Democracy, and even in our current state it’s still by far the best choice we have.

The Bears don’t have a “top need” in the third round. NFL teams only get better by drafting the best football player available every chance they get.

That said, the Bears' top needs in the offseason via the draft, free agency and the waiver wire are upgrades at placekicker, Adrian Amos’ safety spot, offensive tackle, cornerback depth/starting nickel, tight end and running back.

I believe the league will keep the current challenge rules the same — each coach will have two challenges per half, a third if they get the first two correct — but will change what can be challenged and will allow coaches to use their challenges on any play that involves the football.

Then, a coach could challenge pass interference, since the ball is there but still couldn’t challenge holding, roughness, etc.

Given the speculation about the Bears giving Kareem Hunt a second chance, will any team ever give a tryout to Colin Kaepernick? And he did nothing wrong. Thanks.

I would certainly hope so since Hunt deserved to be waived by the Chiefs and his status as a pariah prior to his signing with the Browns for his clear assault on that young lady while Kaepernick has done absolutely nothing to deserve his now-two-year exile from the league.

Anyone who believes there are more than 15-to-18 starting quarterbacks in the NFL better than Colin Kaepernick today, or that there are any backups with the possible exception of Nick Foles doesn’t know anything about football.

There is no excuse for the blackballing Kaepernick has and is experiencing. But since it’s been happening for so long, what is going to change it, short of a massive defeat in court for the NFL in his collusion case?

Perhaps one of the league’s new head coaches – LaFleur, Taylor, Flores, Kingsbury, Kitchens, Fangio, etc. — can prevail on their front offices to get them an upgrade at the position. Kaepernick over Tannehill in Miami or Keenum in Denver is almost a no-brainer, but short of that I don’t see any impetus for Kaepernick to get justice.

Do you think a shutdown is a definite when the CBA expires?

If it expires, the owners will absolutely lock the players out. Whether that lockout lasts long enough for the 2021 season to be impacted is a different issue. Remember, for all the pain of the spring- and summer-long lockout of 2011, the regular season wasn’t impacted because the players caved.

There is also the possibility the owners and players agree to an extension before the current deal expires, but hearing where the two sides are right now that seems highly unlikely.

Hub, what’s your darkhorse pick for Best Picture? I’m going BlackkKlansman. Submitted by Shawty LOL

Shawty, my problem with giving you a darkhorse is at this point I honestly don’t know who the favorite is.

My wife and I have always really enjoyed the Academy Awards, but because of my job we never get to the movies during the football season. We then try and see all the top and/or nominated films in late January and February.

We have seen A Star Is Born, Black Klansman, Bohemian Rhapsody and Vice. We’ve started The Favourite three times, but the British accents are so heavy early that we’ve struggled to follow the dialogue. We’re still anxious to see Roma and Green Book.

Of what we’ve seen, the acting has been brilliant in all of them, although Gaga’s acting in Star Is Born is grossly overrated. Her singing is brilliant and the music superb, but as an actress . . . eh.

Star, Klansman and Rhapsody are great movies. Vice is a great vehicle for its stars, but there are reasonable doubts out there as to how accurate its story is.

I enjoyed A Star Is Born the most, but since it’s the third time its been done it should be great. Only for that reason, I’d probably choose Bohemian Rhapsody. The music is incredible, it’s true to the story and Rami Malek is almost perfect as Freddie Mercury in the concert scenes.