Mere minutes after the Jacksonville Jaguars lost their 11th game in what has been maybe their most disappointing season ever, owner Shad Khan announced that the team's power structure will remain relatively static.

That means executive vice president of football operations Tom Coughlin, general manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Doug Marrone all will return in 2019, so you can scratch one potential head-coaching vacancy off your list prior to Black Monday.

Khan issued a statement, saying, "I informed Tom Coughlin this week that I want him to see through our shared goal of bringing a Super Bowl title to Jacksonville.  Given our overall body of work over the past two seasons, I offered to Tom that I preferred entering the 2019 season with as much stability as reasonable or possible at the top of our football operation.  However, those decisions, at all times, are Tom’s decisions, and I would respect any call he made on our general manager and head coach. ..."

The Jaguars lost Sunday to the Houston Texans, 20-3, Jacksonville's 10th loss in the past 12 games after a 3-1 start that featured an early victory over the Patriots. That win did nothing to avenge the AFC title game loss at New England eight months prior, but at the time many felt the Jaguars were building a force of a team coming off the impressive run in 2017.

Yeah, that didn't happen.

Pretty much everything fell apart, with QB Blake Bortles getting benched, RB Leonard Fournette battling injuries and getting suspended one game for an on-field fight and the talented defense underachieving.

But just because Khan indicated some of his top football men are returning, it doesn't mean the Jaguars will return completely intact next season. In addition to this being the assumed end of the Bortles era, there could be other coaching or scouting changes.

Khan's statement continued with some thinly veiled suggestions of what could come soon"

"I have the same trust in Tom, Dave and Doug as I did upon their introduction two years ago, and I do believe our best path forward for the moment is the one less disruptive and dramatic. Stability should not be confused with satisfaction, however. I am far from content with the status quo and while it’s best to put 2018 behind us, I will not overlook how poorly we accounted for ourselves following a 3-1 start.

"There were far too many long Sundays over the last three quarters of the season, with today’s loss in Houston being the final example, and that cannot repeat itself in 2019. That’s my message to our football people and players, but also our sponsors and fans, both of whom were remarkable."