Do you remember how the Chicago Bears celebrated their first touchdown of the season? Back in the opener at Green Bay, Mitch Trubisky took a read-option keeper into the end zone on the opening drive of the season and was calmly patted on the back by about half a dozen happy teammates.

In the home of the Lambeau Leap, there was no choreography, no glitz, no bravado. This was still a relatively reserved Bears team, almost unsure of how good it could become this season.

It was similar on the second score of the season there, with Khalil Mack’s shocking pick-six right before the half of that game. Mack got dogpiled after his touchdown, with the Bears perhaps in shock as much as anything else.

Things have changed dramatically with this Bears team in the months since. It’s gotten to the point where they expect to score (on both sides of the ball) and are coming up with some clever celebrations to have at the ready.

Ever since the league relaxed its post-TD rules on this sort of thing, we’ve seen some of the fun come back to the game. But for the Bears, that fun has really come to life as they’ve won seven of nine games, and we’re seeing it in their end-zone performances.

The Bears have now scored 38 touchdowns — 32 on offense, six on defense — and we sifted through all of them, not to pick the prettiest touchdowns but rather the best celebrations.

Here our 10 favorite in reverse order (and be sure to let us know yours, too):

10. Josh Bellamy going between the legs vs. Tampa Bay

We can’t find out too much about Bellamy’s hoops background, or if he even played in high school, but he busted out a decent little between-the-legs basketball dribble after scoring a 20-yard touchdown to completely break the game open against the Buccaneers in Week 4.

It was his first TD in almost a year, so give him points for appearing to improvise with a nice celebration on the fly. This was the game where the Bears really started feeling it — and getting into the end zone en masse.

9. Mitchell Trubisky spike vs. Lions

Nothing too fancy about this one — and likely just some unplanned exuberance. But Trubisky took a QB draw into the end zone to make it 26-zip, Bears, in Week 9, and he went a little Rob Gronkowski on us for a moment. Watch as Mitch slammed the ball into the Soldier Field turf on the cold day and punctuated the celebration with a very Bear-ish roar. We frankly didn’t know he had it in him.

8. Anthony Miller getting hip vs. New York Jets

There wasn’t a ton of offense in this game, but Miller woke Soldier Field out of its mini-slumber with a great diving catch to help put the game out of reach. His hip-shake celebration looked like a tribute to Victor Cruz’s salsa dance, but Miller preferred to call it “a little cha-cha.’’

Miller said he was “moving my hips a little bit,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times and “just having a little fun.”

7. Miller "Shoot" dance vs. Seattle

The Seahawks game saw the Bears start breaking out the celebrations, and Miller capped his first NFL TD with what’s known as the “Shoot dance” — and a nod to his hometown of Memphis.

“That’s a Memphis dance,” Miller said after the game. “It’s created by BlocBoy JB. He’s from Memphis. And you know that one was for the city."

6. Group photo at Buffalo

When Jordan Howard scores touchdowns, he typically caps them by casually flipping the ball to the referee — kinda old school. Howard did that on his 18-yard touchdown that made the game 28-0 right before halftime against the Bills in Week 9.

But in a terrific show of camaraderie and team unity, virtually the entire offense met in the end zone after the score and took a group shot. Trubisky even managed to crash the pic right at the end, too.

5. Tarik Cohen’s tryptophan nap at Detroit

Despite it being the early Thanksgiving game, Cohen crafted a brilliant celebration with a double meaning. Clearly, his “napping” was a perfectly timed holiday theme to all the overeaters out there in the country who were getting their gorge on.

That old tryptophan will get you every time, and Cohen said it didn’t spare him either.

“I caught the ‘Itis’ after I ate my Thanksgiving plate,” Cohen said, via the Chicago Tribune. “I caught the ‘Itis,’ and I had to lay down for a little bit.”

But we also think there was a hidden meaning there, with the game being a bit of a snoozer to that point — at least in relation to the fireworks classic a few days earlier between the Rams and Chiefs.

Cohen might not have intended that double meaning, but if he did it was a career highlight for him. Whatever the case, the variety of Cohen’s celebrations has been solid this season.

4. Miller going for a row vs. Vikings

Leave it to the rookie to really kick-start this celebration thing into high gear. Miller scored the Bears’ first touchdown of the crucial game vs. Minnesota, and it was pretty clear that the Bears had something planned for this one. He got down on his tail and into an imaginary boat and started rowing, soon joined by Cohen, Josh Bellamy, Taylor Gabriel, Jordan Howard and others — even reserve new starting RG Bryan Witzmann got into the fun.

At first, some thought it was poking fun at the University of Minnesota’s “Row The Boat” mantra. But Miller said after the game that it was a tribute to his idol, former Carolina Panthers WR Steve Smith, who once mocked the Vikings for their Lake Minnetonka fiasco from 2005.

Miller was a mere 11 years old when that happened, so it qualifies as “old school” in relation to him. But for us? It’s just a classic callback of Smith, who became one of the game’s best TD celebrators before the No Fun League temporarily shut those things down.

3. Tarik Cohen back flip vs. Tampa Bay

It was the third score against the Buccaneers in the first half, but the first real bit of authentic flair afterwards. Cohen starts doing some dance, stops and says, aw, what the heck, and just performs a maneuver that looks easy for him but what 95 percent of humans couldn’t even dream about doing without weeks of training.

2. Eddie Jackson’s orchestra vs. Vikings

Jack Kerouac once said, “You can't teach the old maestro a new tune,” so it’s only fitting that the Bears’ young stars are the ones leading the way on the team’s most creative celebrations. Enter Jackson, the conductor, who celebrated his fourth NFL TD in two NFL seasons by guiding his teammates through a hilarious orchestral ensemble in the Minnesota end zone as the Bears were about to maintain their lead in the NFC North and go to 7-3.

The clear highlights were flautist Prince Amukamara and Jackson capping the celebration with a respectful bow. Well done, young maestro.

1. Prince Amukamara's Motown dance at Lions:

By now you’ve heard it through the grapevine: The Bears are a fun team. No longer the stodgy, low-scoring teams of the John Fox era, this Chicago club is coming out — and wants the world to know.

So on their visit to Detroit on Thanksgiving, they beat the hometown Lions but also found a way to pay tribute to the city in the process. Watch as Kyle Fuller seals the game with the fourth-quarter interception and hands the ball to Amukamara, who steals the show. This was a performance befitting of such an amazing music town, and for a little bonus watch as Deon Bush appears to become an adoring fan waving in the foreground.

Between these TD celebrations and the Bears’ #ClubDub locker room parties, we ask you: What team is having more fun that this right now?