Maybe we're victims of recency bias. We'll never shy away from some quality hyperbole.

And we'll say it: That's the best regular-season game we can recall.

"I hope it was fun for everyone," said a sheepish Jared Goff, who completed 31-of-49 passes for 413 yards with four TDs.

The losing QB topped all of those. Patrick Mahomes completed 33-of-46 passes for 478 yards and six touchdowns. But Mahomes threw three picks, too, with two of them coming in the final 1:28 of the game.

But at no point did it feel like the game was over. Or maybe we just didn't want it to end.

Los Angeles Rams 54, Kansas City Chiefs 51 had a pretty high bar to surpass for the pre-game hype, but it cleared that about mid-second quarter. Even with the maddening slew of penalties early, with some missed extra points and wild turnovers mixed in, the game just had a big, important feel. It was a showcase — everything the NFL could ever dream of for a playoff game, much less a Week 11 Monday nighter.

The league wasn't even in L.A. a few years ago, and this Rams phenomenon — even with the albatross Chargers down the road complicating matters — will absolutely convince the owners that moving two teams there was the right thing to do. This game was the gift from heaven for a league that already dominates the live-sporting landscape.

But enough about the NFL and its money printers. This was a game for the new era of pro football. Fans seem to eat this stuff up.

These two nuclear offenses could have powered the entire Los Angeles Coliseum, the venue on Monday that we didn't know would be hosting this game until last Tuesday. Everything fell into place with the area suffering from devastating wildfires in recent weeks, and it became an emotional ground for the greatest shootout of substance in a regular-season game.

Sure, there have been more points in games before — but is anyone bringing up Kelly Holcomb vs. Carson Palmer in 2004 at your water cooler? I didn't think so.

This game also was the first in NFL history with three defensive scores and more than seven offensive touchdowns. It was the highest-scoring MNF game ever. It has taken a very good 2018 season to a level we couldn't have figured not long ago.

The Rams, Saints and Chiefs have charmed the football-watching world. They're murdering average teams, and we've now seen two combinations of these three teams play this season. Saints 45, Rams 35 was a thriller down to the final minutes. But Rams 54, Chiefs 51 — the first NFL game with both teams topping 50 points — was just a ridiculous football orgy.

No, it wasn't clean. No, there were not a lot of stops. Yes, there were some sloppy events on that field. But goodness, it was just pure, unadulterated football porn. It's what we pray the Super Bowl could be.

Maybe these two teams will meet again. But the Rams still have to go through New Orleans where we stand now. That's also fine with us for the undercard. We could only be so lucky.

Mahomes might have lost footing in the MVP race to Drew Brees with this game, but there wasn't an ounce of respect that should be given up. What he did for much of this game was just tremendous. And that's not to underscore Goff, who made some big, gutsy throws. He's more of a dude that he's given credit for.

Tyreek Hill's brilliant grab with a minute-plus left? It might have been the best catch of the season. Marcus Peters with the game-changing pick, are you kidding? How about Mahomes' 65-yards-in-the-air dime to Hill, who finished with 215 yards and two scores? What about Aaron Donald's dominance? Maybe he, not Brees, is your MVP — we're not saying, we're just saying.

It had everything you could ask for in a massively hyped game. No lead was too safe. There was drama in the air. All those elements were present in some of the great regular-season games of yore: the "no punt" game between the Bills and 49ers in 1992 ... the Vikings-Packers "he did what?!" game ... the Dan Marino fake-spike game ... the Tony Romo-Peyton Manning duel in 2013 ... or maybe the John Elway-Joe Montana showcase in 1994.

But gun to head, I'll take this one. I might regret that statement later. Pin it, remind me, tag it to my page, whatever. Right now, I am all in on this kind of freewheeling, no-risk-it-no-biscuit ball. I just want to see more of what I just saw.

Is that too much to ask?