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Insider: Cousins could be steal for 'Skins

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• “I can’t believe someone didn’t take (Michigan State QB) Kirk Cousins sooner. (Washington) took two great shots at getting a quarterback. It was a great CYA (cover-your-ass) pick to bail them out if their first-round pick (Robert Griffin III) does not get it done. We didn’t need one, but I was getting ready to pull (Cousins') card at that price. It wouldn’t surprise me if the fourth-rounder winds up becoming the solution to their problems.”

• “Did everyone think that Andrew Luck is ‘the guy’? It’s not that I disliked him -— I just didn’t think he was good enough for the top pick. Do you spend a first pick on a guy that only had a few consistently elite traits or throw the deep ball well? Everyone wanted to dog (Coby) Fleener, but Luck is not a very good quarterback if he does not have Fleener. … It was a smart move to keep the two of them together. I heard someone say (Fleener) can’t block, but when was the last time you saw Jimmy Graham or Tony Gonzalez or Kellen Winslow or Aaron Hernandez block? The most valuable tight ends are receivers.”

• “I had a hard time figuring out the Packers’ draft this year. They took Nick Perry in the first. In (Round) Two, they took Jerel Worthy and then they took the midget from Iowa (DT Mike Daniels). I have no idea where they are going to play him. You love his temperament, but he’s going to get pinballed at his size.”

• “We had Kevin Zeitler higher on the board than (David) DeCastro, whose best asset is his initial quickness. He’s not strong or powerful. I don’t know where all the hype came from. If you had to take him where it sounded like you needed to take him, you might be wrong, I thought.”

• “(Cardinals OL coach) Russ Grimm is the most overrated coach in the league right now. Arizona better figure out a way to run the ball and protect the ball.”

• “The biggest shocker, I thought, was how high (South Carolina’s) Alshon Jeffery went. We had him in the sixth round. I don’t think he can separate at our level or get off the press. He lost all that weight to run a good 40-time but it’s not natural. He’s not a worker. I thought it was very rich. We had (Shea) McClellin in the third (round).”

• “We did not have Justin Blackmon as our top receiver. We would not have taken him at all. We brought him in for a visit. He’s not a bad kid. There’s just an arrogance there. Michael Floyd was at the top of our board, and (Illinois WR) A.J. Jenkins was next.”

• “Bruce Irvin has DB-like suddenness. We worked him out. He has pass-rush talent.  It’s scary not knowing if he is going to be an every-down player. Teams will gash him with draws and ride him off as a pass rusher. … We interviewed the kid a few times, and I never got the vibe that he was a bad kid. He’s immature and has some street in him, but he looked you in the eye and came clean about everything in his past.”

• “(Michigan DT) David Molk is a good center if you can live with a 6-foot guy. Watch him against all the same players that (Peter) Konz faced and he outplayed every one of them. We wouldn’t have drafted (Molk), but I liked the tape.”

• “The kicker of this draft was the Jaguars drafting a 28-year-old Division II player. If I were the owner, I would fire someone. I heard they fell in love with his hard-luck story. He was not even a free agent.”

• “(Illinois FS) Tavon Wilson was at the bottom of our board. We might have missed him. I’m not sure if he is a player or not. Our fall grades were not high enough to warrant more attention. I really liked the (Patriots’) sixth-round pick — Nate Ebner is a hard-playing Jesse on special teams.”

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