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Insider: Rivers is reminiscent of Kosar

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Posted Nov. 13, 2011 @ 7:35 p.m. ET
By PFW staff

• "I think Philip Rivers' sternum is bothering him. He can't throw the deep ball. He is feeling the rush. He is 31 years old. I always thought he was a Bernie Kosar-type. People forget — Kosar was done at 29. He played another eight or nine years longer, but if you look at when it went south for him, it was before he turned 30. Rivers is smart, tough and gives you everything he's got. But he's not a great athlete. His mechanics are not how you would teach your kids. He's worked hard to get where he is. Factor the potential sternum (injury), shaky mechanics and not having any speed at receiver to get open — he's shaking back there. I don't know if he will ever get it back."

• "(Lions DE) Kyle Vanden Bosch gets a lot of credit for his great motor, but no one talks about (49ers DRT) Justin Smith. He has been producing at a higher level for twice as long, but no one talks about him. He has been incredible."

• "Denver does not have a quarterback. That's their problem. That's Washington's problem. (Mike) Shanahan had the same issue in Denver until he drafted (Jay) Cutler. You think they would like to have him back in Denver now? Do you think Shanahan would like to have him? The Jim Zorn era would have never happened if the Redskins could have landed Cutler. Shanahan would not have sat out a year."

• "You can always have a discussion with a guy who watches tape. You can discuss what you see and why things are happening and maybe come together in areas where one person did not have knowledge. If one watches tape and the other does not, you are having an argument. That's what happens in a lot of places when it comes to personnel."

• "Where I give (Steelers head coach) Mike Tomlin a lot of credit — he was bred in Tampa running a 4-3 defense. When he got to Pittsburgh and the 3-4 was in place, he didn't try to change it. It worked, and it was working well. He didn't try to put his imprint on it. Now, granted Dick LeBeau was there already. … Contrast that with what Eric Mangini did in New York. When he got there, Shaun Ellis and John Abraham and Jonathan Vilma were in place. They had Dewayne Robertson. All the pieces were in place for a "40" defense, but Mangini came in and said, 'we are doing it my way.' That's all he knew. He could not adjust to the personnel."

• "John Sullivan is playing exceptionally well at center for the Vikings right now. Why? Even the rest of the line — (Phil) Loadholt and (Steve) Hutchinson and (Joe) Berger, who has been everywhere in the NFL — why are they playing better? What's going on? Guess what — (offensive coordinator) Bill Musgrave switched the offensive  line. They don't step sideways and run the West Coast reach anymore. They are big, smart, nasty offensive linemen. They are stepping forward and knocking (defenders) off the ball."

• ""I've heard a lot of criticism about the Polians, but how many of the guys from the (Colts') front office that have moved on have been fired and how many have been promoted? (49ers director of player personnel) Tom Gamble got promoted. (Falcons director of college scouting) David Caldwell was promoted. Dom (Anile) was at a retirement age already. … If they get the top pick, this will be a one- or two-year hiccup, and (Indy) will be back to an elite level."

• "Sacks are the greatest misnomer in the NFL. There are so many good inside pass rushers that push everything out and then the end gets the sack. It's why you see a defensive tackle never lead the league in sacks. Look at DeMarcus Ware vs. Philadelphia. He racked up four sacks, but how did he get them? Some people would go and say he beat up on (OLT) Jason Peters. Put on the tape. Peters is perfect, keeping him frontal and (Michael) Vick scrambles and trips at his ankle. Ware is the first to touch him — sack. You got to be kidding me! There were two of those and another where he beat a tight end on the other side. Sacks are so overrated." 

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