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Insider: Jackson is mortgaging Raiders' future

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By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "The Raiders better get (a GM) in place quick or Hue Jackson is going to (mess) that roster up. I don't like any move he has made yet. Aaron Curry is not a pass rusher, and he does not have the instincts to play inside. He is a "Sam" linebacker in a 4-3 defense only. Those are dime-a-dozen guys.  They come off the field in nickel and dime. It's a death position. You can't pay it. … No one was willing to give up anything near what (Jackson) gave for Carson Palmer. He is trading the future (and) trying to do everything he can to win now. It’s such a short-sighted approach — that’s why very few head coaches can handle personnel. They are too emotionally-vested. If I’m Amy Trask, I’m not waiting until after the season.

• "If you look at the Packers' (offensive) line, there is not anyone that blows you away physically. Watch them — some of them get run right back to the quarterback and would be getting an average quarterback killed. That quarterback (Aaron Rodgers) gets rid of the ball so quickly — a cardboard box could be protecting him, and he would still be effective. That's what makes him so great. He has really hastened his release. … (QB coach) Tom Clements has done a wonderful job of grooming (Green Bay's) quarterbacks — Rodgers and (backup) Matt Flynn — to get them where they are now. His relationship is as good as any with those guys. They listen to him, they respect him and they play for him. They Packers have excellent teachers on their staff."

• "That the Bears are even winning surprises me. They have no O-line. Their receiving corps is average. They have a good back, but only one, and a quarterback that was paid a lot, but then not surrounded with anything. They have a couple of solid guys on the D-line, but it's an unspectacular group overall. The linebackers are aging. The secondary is (bad). Can you argue with  anything I just said? I think they have done a poor job of putting a team together."

• "(Washington OLT) Trent Williams had a great start to the year. When he's healthy, he's as gifted as they come."

• "I look at the Cleveland Browns' roster, and I still see a rebuilding project. The offensive line is bad. I don't like their backs. The quarterback looks like just a guy. They don't have a receiver who scares you. The offense has a long way to go. … The defense is coming around. (DT Ahtyba) Rubin is very underrated. (Defensive coordinator) Dick Jauron was a great hire. You know Andy Reid and Mike Holmgren are best friends. Jauron earned it. My only question is — why didn't Reid promote him?"
• "The coaching is so bad right now it's becoming clearer to me every day how important personnel is. Scouting is as critical as ever, and the sad thing is — owners are clueless to its importance. … The best evaluators are blue-collar guys. You don't hear about them a lot. Fans don't know their names. They are not in the headlines. They don't want attention. And so they don't get the opportunities they deserve to run teams. You look at teams that win consistently — they know how to identify talent, and they know how to use it."

• "(Titans CB Jason) McCourty is playing very well and having his most consistent season. The tackles (OLT Michael Roos, ORT David Stewart) have been outstanding. Chris Johnson may not be running well, but you can't put it on the line. He's going down on contact when he used to spin out or run through arm tackles. He has not been the same player since he was paid."

• "The Giants' defensive line has been good all the way around. Jason Pierre-Paul has been the best. Osi (Umenyiora) has been bringing it as a pass-rusher. (Linval) Joseph and (Chris) Canty have been very good. If you were talking about how you would draw them up coming off the bus, that is what they would look like."

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