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Insider: Pryor not worth high pick in supplemental draft

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Posted July 18, 2011 @ 9:26 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "(Ex-Ohio State QB Terrelle) Pryor has been on the take since he went to college. He's an immature prima donna. He's never been much of a leader. There's not a lot of verbiage in the offense. He's got a big arm, but his accuracy is all over the place. He really makes his receivers work for the ball. You add in the lockout situation, and this year will be a wash for him. He's a terrific athlete, but he's going to be resistant to a position change. I think someone will roll the dice in the third [round of the supplemental draft]. I wouldn't think about it until the fifth."

• "There are going to be so many injuries this year. There has been zero offseason training this year. All these guys coming off injuries have had to be off somewhere else rehabbing on their own. It's scary when you look at some of the injuries a lot of big-time players have had to deal with. Peyton Manning had neck surgery. James Harrison is coming off a back. Frank Gore had a fractured hip. There's a big benefit to working with the same doctor or same training staff. The lockout's effect could be disastrous on the field."  

• "Jimmy Clausen can't play. You can't pass on a quarterback in a quarterback-driven league if you don't have one. Cam Newton can play. He will be like Josh Freeman. Everyone was talking about what Freeman couldn't do (when he was exiting college). You didn't hear his name coming out of Kansas State. Everyone was talking about (Matthew) Stafford and (Mark) Sanchez. Freeman was being talked about in the second (round). It was, 'He ain't this, and he ain't that.' Freeman is better than all of them. Freeman and Matt Ryan have been the best two quarterbacks to come out in recent years. Sanchez's defense has carried him. He made some throws in the playoffs that I have not seen (Joe) Flacco make yet. But you have to make plays in the playoffs. Stafford — you don't know what he is yet. One, he gets hurt. Two, his team is not balanced. They need to put a line around him. The running back situation has been in flux, and the line has been (messed) up."

• "Why is Tim Tebow filming commercials before he has (done anything) in the National Football League? 'They said I could not be a quarterback. They said I could not win the Heisman. They said I could not be a first-round pick — thank you.' Shut up already. Get the (expletive) out of here. He is not an NFL quarterback. I don't think he will get it done. There will be moments where he is OK, but ultimately, he won't take you where you want to go. If we were a team in need of a quarterback, I would be trying to get Kyle Orton — he's a veteran with poise and something to him. That is who I would trade for. (Forget) Kevin Kolb. I could not believe (the Eagles) were starting him in front of Michael Vick last year. The ball comes out of his hand with nothing on it. Vick throws with RPMs. I thought Kolb would be done by Week Four or Six last year after (scouting) him in the preseason. He couldn't make it through (Week) One. There are quarterbacks that can manage games and quarterbacks that can win it. Kolb can manage it. Orton can manage it. … I would not even mess with (Matt) Hasselbeck because he is so old."

• "(Donovan) McNabb has something left in the tank, but he's not in the right situation. He needs a team with all the pieces in place. Going to a young team trying to build was not the right situation for him. The Redskins are in total disarray. They have nothing established — the offensive line is young and in flux. They have no established backs or receivers. They tried forcing Rex Grossman in there, and it didn't work. I don't see John Beck being any better. He's just like Kellen Clemens. Eric Mangini way overdrafted him. Cam Cameron did the same thing with Beck. It's very easy for first-year (NFL) head coaches to make mistakes drafting quarterbacks. What's crazy is that (Mike) Shanahan thought Beck was the best quarterback in the class when he came out. JaMarcus Russell and Brady Quinn have not done anything. The rest of the class was mediocre. We may get the chance to see if (Shanahan) is right."

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