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UFL to target undrafted free agents

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By PFW staff

The UFL would have the first chance to sign undrafted free agents if the NFL lockout is still ongoing after the draft.

In an interview with's Vic Carucci, Hartford Colonials head coach Jerry Glanville said the UFL would focus on bringing in undrafted players as quickly as possible.

"I can guarantee you, I'll be sitting on somebody's doorstep," he told Carucci. "Back when I was with the Falcons, they used to fly me all around the country, and the minute the draft was over, I'd pounce on 'em like a panther. I'd have my own little private plane, and I'd fly all over to get these guys. Well, now that's going to be our league."

While the draft will take place regardless of what happens with the labor negotiations, NFL teams are prohibited from signing free agents while the lockout continues.

The way we see it

This could be a major boost for the UFL. NFL teams regularly add numerous players following the draft, many of which end up seeing significant playing time. Players such as QB Kurt Warner, TE Antonio Gates and LB Jerome Harrison entered the NFL as undrafted free agents.


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