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Insider: Tagliabue 'could get deals done'

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Posted March 25, 2011 @ 11:16 a.m. ET
By PFW staff

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• "I like what (NFL commissioner) Roger (Goodell) has done in a lot of areas, but what we're seeing now (is that) he is nowhere near what (Paul Tagliabue) was. Tags could get deals done. Roger is just the messenger. Jerry Jones and Jerry Richardson are running this deal with Robert Kraft."

• "If you polled the entire league, I would guess the opinions are split on (Auburn QB) Cam Newton. Anyone that really knows the kid and did their homework will have him down on their board. We had him at the very top of our board before the Combine. He's got talent — you have to give it to him. But I wouldn't think about him until the end of the first (round), and even there, I'm not sure I'd want him. Now it's a little different when you're in the hunt for a quarterback. We got a good one. ... I just think you're asking for too much trouble with a guy like him. It's just like Vince Young — all the warning signs were there. The lower (Newton) goes, the better his chances will be."

• "I like everything about (Texas A&M OLB) Von Miller. The only thing that worries me a little bit is his size. He's got everything else you could want. His pro day was sickening. I'm telling you — I've never seen anyone work out like that. I don't care if you run a 4-3 (defense) or a 3-4 — the guy is a football player. He'll fit in any defense. You find a place for guys like that. He's got some special traits. He's going to be a great one."

• "(Georgia OLB) Justin Houston is very talented, but he could be the next Vernon Gholston. It's scary, but he shuts it down way too much. He's one of the draft's great magicians. He can disappear with the best of them."

• "What do you think the hit ratio is on one-year wonders in the first round. We did the study over five years. It's not very good. What's scary is how many of them there are in this year's draft. I would not touch either of the two at Auburn that everyone is talking about. I hope they go early so that some good players fall to us."

• "Go back and look at (North Carolina DE) Robert Quinn's 11 sacks two years ago — eight of them came in three games, and he had one each against The Citadel and Georgia Southern (plus one vs. Boston College). There are a lot of production scouts in this league — you have to look beyond the production. I get that. But someone has to sell me hard on that kid. He's going to go a lot higher than the third-round grade I gave him, but we'll see what he does in three years."

• "(Colorado OLT Nate) Solder was just OK at his pro day. He lifted (Broncos college scouting director) Matt Russell off the ground in a drill. It's already a YouTube sensation."

• "I was not fond of (Illinois MLB) Martez Wilson. I know he has all the height, weight and speed you could want, but he does not play with a lot of instinct. He can run and chase and make plays on the move, but he's not a downhill, fill guy at all for a 'Mike' linebacker. He's not physical. He does not play with leverage, anchor or power. He tackles low around the legs. He struggles in coverage — he has no feel and turns and runs when crossing patterns are passing by. I didn't see much I liked on tape."

• "Watch (Ohio State DE) Cameron Heyward against tight ends, and he'll beat them up. He worked over the tight end from Iowa. But watch him against offensive tackles, and it's a totally different story. He plays hard, but it is very disappointing to watch. I didn't care for him. I know he has more value for 3-4 teams, but he's going to get way overdrafted."

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