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Will Fuller

Wide Receiver • Texans

2018 Projections

99 51 734 6


A big play waiting to happen, Fuller has game-breaking speed. At the 2016 scouting combine, he clocked a 40 time of 4.32 seconds. Heís capable of scoring fantasy points in bunches, as he did last October, when he returned from a broken collarbone and piled up seven touchdowns in four games. In 2016, Fuller began his rookie season with back-to-back 100-yard games. Fullerís speed should pair well with QB Deshaun Watson, who has the mobility to buy time for Watson to get open deep.


As hot as Fuller can get, he can also disappear for long stretches. After his four-game TD barrage last year, he had zero touchdowns in his last six games and didnít have more than 44 receiving yards in any of those contests. The slightly built (6-0, 185) Fuller has missed eight games in his first two seasons. Hamstring issues cost him two games as a rookie. He missed the first three games of 2017 with the collarbone injury, missed three more games later in the season with cracked ribs, and sustained a knee injury in Week 17 that required offseason surgery. Fullerís hands arenít always reliable. Playing alongside DeAndre Hopkins, who led the league in targets last year, Fuller has little chance to be a high-volume receiver.

Bottom Line

If he can stay healthy, Fuller is going to make some big plays and have some big games, but donít expect consistency.

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