Tyrell Williams

Wide Receiver • Chargers

2018 Projections

70 41 640 5


An undrafted free agent from Western Oregon in 2015, Williams has established himself as a dangerous deep threat. His 16.9 yards per catch placed him fifth among qualifying receivers in that category last season, yet he still managed to post a highly respectable catch rate of 62.3 percent. In 2016, Williams finished in the top 20 among wide receivers in receiving yardage, TD catches and yards per catch. The 6-4, 205-pound Williams has 4.48 speed to go along with his huge catch radius.


After finishing 13th in WR fantasy scoring in 2016, Williams slipped to 39th last year. He didnít have more than seven targets or five receptions in any game last season. Keenan Allen soaks up a ton of targets for the Chargers, and second-year WR Mike Williams, the seventh overall pick in last yearís draft is expected to become much more involved in the Chargersí offense this year.

Bottom Line

Williams is an impressive physical specimen who has put up some nice numbers over the past two years, but his targets dropped by 37.7 percent from 2016 to 2017, and that was with first-round draft pick Mike Williams contributing very little last year. Tyrellís playmaking ability is undeniable, but it appears he may be target challenged in 2018.

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