Tyreek Hill

Wide Receiver • Chiefs

2018 Projections

105 66 991 6


After generating sparks in 2016 as a triple threat who contributed as a receiver, runner and kick returner, Hill settled in at wide receiver last year and proved that he’s more than just a gadget player. He finished fourth in WR fantasy scoring in 2017, rolling up nearly 1,200 receiving yards and averaging a robust 15.8 yards per catch. Hill has ridiculous top-end speed -- the NFL clocked him at 22.77 mph on a 2016 kick return -- and is capable of taking it to the house from anywhere on the field. The Chiefs’ new starting quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has a rocket arm that figures to pair well with Hill’s lightning speed. Although Hill ran for only 59 yards last year after rushing for 267 yards and three TDs the year before, it’s still noteworthy that he had 17 rushing attempts in 15 regular-season games last season, and his continued usage in the running game could offer bonus fantasy value.


Chiefs wide receivers were targeted 228 times last season, and Hill accounted for 105 of them. With Sammy Watkins now in the fold, it seems unlikely that 46.1 percent of all throws to K.C. wide receivers will go to Hill. Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ leader in targets last season with 123, will still get plenty of looks, so Hill could be squeezed for targets.

Bottom Line

Hill proved last year that he’s the real deal as a receiver. But he’s destined to lose some targets now that the Chiefs have added a second quality receiver in Sammy Watkins. Hill is apt to be overdrafted this year by fantasy owners who refuse to acknowledge the reality of the Chiefs’ target crunch.

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