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Tyler Lockett

Wide Receiver • Seahawks

2018 Projections

70 50 625 3


With TE Jimmy Graham and WR Paul Richardson departing via free agency, there are targets available in Seattle, and Lockett is positioned to get first crack at them as he heads into a contract year. Lockett has provided occasional jolts of electricity to the Seahawks’ passing game over his three seasons in the league, and with his game-breaking speed, it’s easy to envision him contributing more with an uptick in usage. There isn’t much behind him on Seattle’s WR depth chart. Lockett has a career catch rate of 67.2 percent.


Lockett has never been targeted more than 69 times in a season, and he’s had only three TD catches over the last two years. At 5-10 and 182 pounds, Lockett isn’t built to be a high-volume receiver and might not get a lot of red-zone looks.

Bottom Line

With targets up for grabs in Seattle, Lockett could get a usage boost, making him a potentially sneaky value in the late rounds of 2018 fantasy drafts.

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