Ty Montgomery

Running Back • Packers

2018 Projections

24 113 1 45 363 3


Itís unclear whether Montgomery will get more work as a running back or a wide receiver this season, but with his combination of pass-catching chops and running ability -- not to mention a role in one of the leagueís better offenses -- he has our attention. Injuries limited him to eight games last season, but he had three touchdowns in his first three games of the season before suffering broken ribs against the Bears in Week Four. In 2016, Montgomery showed his potential as a dual run-catch threat with back-to-back 10-catch games and a 162-yard rushing day.


At 6-foot and 216 pounds, Montgomery isnít built to be a volume runner, and that point was driven home in 2017, when Montgomery missed half the season with a combination of broken ribs and a wrist injury. Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams figure to be ahead of Montgomery on the RB depth chart, and Davante Adams and Randall Cobb will outrank him at wide receiver. Montgomery isnít much of a downfield threat; the longest reception of his career went for 31 yards.

Bottom Line

It will be interesting to see how league-hosting sites handle Montgomeryís positional eligibility this season -- and you should know how your site designates him before you draft. Although Montgomery isnít likely to lead the Packers in either rushing or receiving, his ability to contribute in both areas makes him potentially valuable.

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