T.Y. Hilton

Wide Receiver • Colts

2018 Projections

129 74 1178 5


Hiltonís streak of four consecutive 1,000-yard seasons was broken last year, but he fell just 34 yards short and undoubtedly would have made it five straight 1,000-yard seasons if Colts QB Andrew Luck hadnít missed the entire year with a shoulder injury. The lightning-fast Hilton is a dangerous downfield playmaker capable of making his weekly fantasy quota with just one or two catches. He has a career average of 15.8 yards per catch, and over his six-year career, Hilton has 31 receptions of 40 yards or longer. He ranked fifth in WR fantasy scoring in 2016, and if a healthy Luck returns this year, Hilton could regain WR1 status. Despite being one of the smallest starting receivers in the league, the 5-9, 178-pound Hilton has missed only two games in six NFL seasons.


Luckís health is a major wild card. He reportedly still wasnít throwing footballs as this magazine went to press, and there was no announced timetable for his recovery. If Luck misses more time in 2018, Hiltonís fantasy stock will suffer, just as it did last season, when he posted his worst reception and yardage totals since his rookie year.

Bottom Line

Hilton has an estab-lished track record of premium fantasy production, but the health of Andrew Luck is the key to Hiltonís 2018 fantasy fortunes. Donít spend an early-round pick on Hilton, unless youíre confident about the fitness of Luckís shoulder.

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