Torrey Smith

Wide Receiver • Panthers

2018 Projections

59 28 369 2


The Panthers traded for Smith in March, giving the Eagles CB Daryl Worley in return. Smith is being penciled in as a starter opposite Devin Funchess, who doesn’t have great speed. The Panthers thought they had a vertical receiver in Curtis Samuel, a second-round draft pick last season, but Samuel has reportedly been slow to recover from the significant ankle injury he sustained last November. Known for his deep speed, Smith has a career average of 16.4 yards per catch.


In the three years since he left the Ravens, Smith has averaged 2.0 catches and 30.9 receiving yards per game, with nine total touchdowns and a catch rate of 49.7 percent. Funchess has emerged as the clear No. 1 receiver for the Panthers, and RB Christian McCaffrey and TE Greg Olsen should both see a lot of targets, too, leaving Smith as no better than a fourth wheel in the Carolina passing game.

Bottom Line

Smith’s career has really fallen off since he left Baltimore after the 2014 season. Frankly, we’re not sure if he’s still capable of helping fantasy teams, but he’s at least in a place where he’ll get a chance to play significant snaps and give us a clear indication of whether he still has value.

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