Tom Brady

Quarterback • Patriots

2018 Projections

390 599 4703 35 10 23 1


Brady’s 4,577 passing yards led the NFL in 2017. His 32 touchdowns trailed only Russell Wilson (34) and Carson Wentz (33). Brady was intercepted just eight times, and he posted a 102.8 QB rating, even better than his career mark of 97.8. He played in all 16 regular-season games, and in all three postseason contests. He threw for 300 or more yards six times last season, and he had at least three TD passes in five games. In a three-week span, from Week 10-12, he tallied 10 scoring passes. He threw for 447 yards and three scores in Week Two at New Orleans. Brady has been entrenched as New England’s starter since 2001. A knee injury caused him to miss all but the opener in 2008, but other than that season, he has never missed an NFL start due to injury. He has played in all 16 regular-season games 14 times. He threw for 50 touchdowns in 2007 and notched 5,205 passing yards in 2011. He doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Projecting his 2016 totals over a full season, he has averaged 35 TD passes and more than 4,500 passing yards in the last three years. Brady has led his team to five NFL championships and eight Super Bowls.


We’ll bet you can guess what’s coming here … Brady will be 41 when the 2018 season kicks off. It’s conceivable that one day he’ll simply lose it -- much in the way Peyton Manning lost it in 2015 (nine TDs and 17 INTs). Brady has been sacked a nearly inconceivable 452 times in his career. Those hits have to be adding up, don’t they? Brady scored three rushing touchdowns in 2015 but had none in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. There has been much speculation, and some reporting, about dissension in New England. Brady reportedly has been seeking a new contract for the 2018 season. His leading receiver in 2017, Brandin Cooks, and most clutch playoff performer, Danny Amendola, are gone.

Bottom Line

The party can’t last forever, but Brady showed absolutely zero evidence of slowing down in 2017. We’ve all heard (ad nauseam) about Brady’s workout regimen and dietary habits. If we believe in the “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” axiom, there does seem to be some budding discord in New England. However, we don’t see that impacting Brady’s play, and it’s hard to imagine the Patriots not contending for another title in 2018. The prognosis here is that Brady has at least one more excellent season in him.

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