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T.J. Yeldon

Running Back • Jaguars

2018 Projections

40 160 1 30 209 1


A second-round draft pick in 2015, Yeldon has never been able to get a firm grip on a lead role with the Jaguars, and now he’s entrenched as a backup behind Leonard Fournette. But Yeldon has at least demonstrated competency as a runner and receiver, and Fournette has a troubling history of foot issues. If Fournette were to miss time, Yeldon could have significant fantasy value in one of the league’s run-heaviest offenses.


The problem is that Yeldon isn’t a “clean” handcuff to Fournette. Corey Grant is also in the mix, and as we head toward training camp, it’s not entirely clear who’s No. 2 and who’s No. 3. Regardless, Yeldon and Grant likely would share work if Fournette went down.

Bottom Line

Undraftable in most average-sized fantasy leagues, Yeldon nevertheless could become a useful asset for fantasy owners if Leonard Fournette were to sustain a significant injury.

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