Theo Riddick

Running Back • Lions

2018 Projections

65 221 1 52 431 2


Consistently productive as a pass catcher, Riddick has averaged 4.4 catches and 36.0 receiving yards a game over the last four years. His 472 snaps led all Detroit running backs last season, and Riddick is cemented in as the teamís primary passing-down back.


Thereís not much upside here, as Riddick is pretty much maxed out from a fantasy perspective. As a runner, he has a career average of 3.4 yards per carry and hasnít been able to get to 4.0 in any of his five NFL seasons. Itís possible (though not likely) that a new coaching regime in Detroit could reduce Riddickís role.

Bottom Line

Expect more of the same from this PPR specialist: nice production in the passing game and very little to speak of in the running game.

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