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Tevin Coleman

Running Back • Falcons

2018 Projections

153 657 5 30 278 2


A big-play artist with lethal speed, Coleman has managed to be fantasy relevant, even though he shares work with Devonta Freeman. Coleman ranked 22nd among RBs in fantasy scoring last year and 17th in 2016. Heís averaged 4.3 yards per carry over his career and has been explosive as a receiver, averaging better than 11 yards per catch in each of the last two seasons. Despite being the Robin to Freemanís Batman, Coleman has managed to churn out 19 touchdowns over the last two years, averaging a touchdown every 17.5 touches during that span. If Freeman were to go down for any length of time, Colemanís fantasy value would soar. When Freeman sustained a concussion early in a Week 10 game against Dallas and missed Weeks 11-12, Coleman had 59 carries for 223 yards and four TDs over that three-week stretch.


Colemanís fantasy value has been largely TD dependent. He hasnít totaled 1,000 yards from scrimmage in a single season, and if the TDs were to dry up, Colemanís fantasy value could nosedive. And itís now well established that if Freeman is healthy, Coleman is going to get the short end of the time share.

Bottom Line

This versatile run-catch threat has been making the most out of a limited number of touches. This is the RB-by-committee era, so a running back isnít necessarily doomed to fantasy irrelevance if he shares work, as Coleman has shown. But obviously the Falconsí two-RB arrangement lowers Colemanís ceiling.

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