Terrelle Pryor

Wide Receiver • Jets

2018 Projections

53 27 362 2


Itís worth remembering that Pryor is just two years removed from a 77-catch, 1,007-yard season with the Browns. Heís 6-4, 228 pounds, with 4.4 speed -- physical attributes that few NFL receivers can match. Pryor is now with the Jets, whose WR corps isnít super deep.


An unmitigated bust last season in Washington, Pryor had 20 catches for 240 yards and one touchdown. He badly burned all the fantasy owners who sank significant draft capital into him after his 1,000-yard campaign in 2016. Pryor will be playing with his third team in as many years, and the Jets are in transition at quarterback, with oldster Josh McCown keeping the seat warm for 21-year-old rookie Sam Darnold.

Bottom Line

Fantasy owners who wasted a pick on Pryor last season will be understandably gun-shy about investing in him again, but with his freakish athleticism and an opportunity to contribute to the Jets right away, he could surprise.

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