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Terrance Williams

Wide Receiver • Cowboys

2018 Projections

86 47 571 2


Williams hasnít been a focal point of the Dallas passing game since being drafted in 2013, but he might be asked to play a bigger role than ever before, following the offseason release of Dez Bryant. Williams has seen relatively few targets for a starting wide receiver the past two seasons, but heís been very efficient with those targets, posting a catch rate of 69.8 percent and averaging 8.4 yards per target Williams hasnít missed a game in his five-year career.


For a receiver who played 692 offensive snaps last year, Williams was remarkably unproductive, averaging 35.5 receiving yards per game, failing to score a single touchdown and averaging a career-low 10.7 yards per catch. Since becoming a starter in 2014, heís averaged 46.5 catches, 656 yards and 3.8 touchdowns a season. Williams had surgery to fix a broken right foot in the offseason.

Bottom Line

A better blocker than pass catcher, Williams could see a volume boost now that Dez Bryant is no longer around, but thereís no evidence to suggest heís capable of becoming a valuable fantasy asset.

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