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Ted Ginn

Wide Receiver • Saints

2018 Projections

66 42 613 4


Ginn has now produced more than 700 receiving yards in three consecutive seasons, and he seems like a decent bet to make it four straight, since he plays in one of the most efficient and dangerous passing games in the league. He entered the 2017 season with a career catch rate of 51.7 percent, but in his first year playing with QB Drew Brees, Ginn caught 75.7 percent of his targets while averaging a hearty 14.8 yards per catch. With his lethal deep speed, Ginn is capable of scoring from anywhere on the field.


Ginn’s 10-TD season in 2015 looks like a complete anomaly. He hasn’t had more than five TD catches in any other season, and he’s had only four TD catches in each of the last two years. Michael Thomas is clearly the alpha receiver in New Orleans, and the offseason arrivals of Cameron Meredith and rookie Tre’Quan Smith could put Ginn in a target squeeze. As it was, he had just 70 targets in 15 games last year.

Bottom Line

A burner capable of producing worthwhile fantasy numbers on just a handful of targets, Ginn is more valuable in standard-scoring leagues than in PPR leagues, and he’s especially valuable in best-ball leagues, where his biggest games will always count for you.

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