Taywan Taylor

Wide Receiver • Titans

2018 Projections

54 32 459 2


After taking Corey Davis in the first round of last yearís NFL Draft, the Titans grabbed Taylor in the third round as part of a makeover at the WR position. Taylor played all 16 games as a rookie, and while he didnít put up big numbers, heíll have a chance to make a greater contribution this year as the favorite to win the No. 3 WR role in a potentially good passing attack led by QB Marcus Mariota. Taylor caught 184 passes for 3,197 yards and 34 TDs in his final two college seasons at Western Kentucky.


The No. 3 WR role in Tenn-essee might not be especially lucrative from a fantasy standpoint, as Taylor will have Davis, Rishard Matthews and TE Delanie Walker ahead of him in the pecking order for targets. The 5-11, 203-pound Taylor probably isnít going to get many end-zone looks.

Bottom Line

The Titans obviously had a plan for Taylor when they spent a third-round pick on him last year, and Taylorís rookie season was decent if unspectacular. Heís a player fantasy owners should keep an eye on this year and beyond.

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