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Tarik Cohen

Running Back • Bears

2018 Projections

85 357 2 59 448 1


A human pinball, the shifty Cohen generated electricity for the Bearsí offense in his rookie season, but all too often Bears head coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains inexplicably would pull the plug. Cohen figures to be more heavily involved in the offense under a more forward-thinking offensive brain trust headed by new head coach Matt Nagy, who served as Andy Reidís offensive coordinator in Kansas City last year, and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich, who helped design some innovative offenses at Oregon from 2009-16. Cohen has 4.4 speed and refined pass-catching skills, and it will be fascinating to see how Nagy and Helfrich deploy him.


At 5-6 and 181 pounds, Cohen obviously isnít built to run between the tackles or handle goal-line carries, and heíll probably top out at five or six carries most games. As fun a player as he is, Cohenís size limits his fantasy potential.

Bottom Line

The regime change in Chicago bodes well for Cohenís usage and his fantasy outlook, though his pixie-ish size puts a lid on his ceiling. He could become a very useful weapon in PPR leagues and might even have some utility in standard formats.

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