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Sterling Shepard

Wide Receiver • Giants

2018 Projections

98 63 744 5


After a strong rookie season in 2016, Shepard boosted his overall yardage output in 2017 despite missing five games due to an ankle injury, migraines and a neck injury. He had some enormous games last year, dropping 7-133-1 on the Eagles in Week Three, and then smoking Philly again to the tune of 11-139-1 in week 15. He also had 11-142-0 against the 49ers in Week 10. Shepard has caught 124 passes in his first two seasons with the Giants and is locked in as the team’s slot receiver.


Shepard had some nice games last year, but you’d think his numbers would have been better considering that Giants WRs Odell Beckham Jr. and Brandon Marshall combined to play in only nine games, leaving Shepard as the Giants’ top receiver for much of the season. Shepard’s target upside is limited with Beckham destined to get an enormous number of looks, and with talented young TE Evan Engram certain to play a big role. After scoring eight touchdowns as a rookie, Shepard’s TD total plummeted to two last year.

Bottom Line

A high-floor, low-ceiling option, Shepard should churn out decent if unspectacular fantasy numbers as the Giants’ No. 2 receiver behind Odell Beckham Jr.

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