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Stefon Diggs

Wide Receiver • Vikings

2018 Projections

116 77 1001 7


He hasn’t produced a 1,000-yard season yet, but Diggs might have gotten there in either 2016 or 2017 if he hadn’t missed time due to injuries. Diggs had a career-high eight TD catches last season, and that didn’t include his rather memorable touchdown against the Saints in the playoffs. The versatile Diggs can line up outside or in the slot, and he brings exceptional quickness and acceleration to the table. The Vikings should have a strong passing game this season with free-agent acquisition Kirk Cousins triggering the offense, and Minnesota receivers won’t exactly have to face a murderers’ row of opposing cornerbacks in their divisional games against NFC North foes.


Diggs has missed eight games over his three NFL seasons with groin, hip and knee injuries. Adam Thielen has caught 160 passes over the last two years, and his presence limits Diggs’ upside. Diggs has a career average of 12.4 yards per catch, a surprisingly low number for a receiver with good speed.

Bottom Line

Diggs will forever be associated with the “Minneapolis Miracle,” the improbable catch-and-run touchdown to beat the Saints on the final play of a divisional playoff game in January. Perhaps this is the year he also earns recognition for his fantasy contributions. Diggs has the talent to produce WR2 numbers if he can stay healthy.

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