Spencer Ware

Running Back • Chiefs

2018 Projections

65 273 2 14 124


Before tearing the PCL and LCL in his right knee in the Chiefs’ third preseason game last August, Ware appeared ticketed for a big role in the Kansas City offense. Obviously, those plans changed, and Kareem Hunt made the most of the featured role he inherited. But the versatile Ware, who totaled 1,368 yards from scrimmage in 2016, will still have a role in the Chiefs’ offense and could become immensely valuable if anything were to happen to Hunt.


Hunt was an absolute revelation as a rookie, so the chances of Ware winning back his starting job are basically zero. The dual LCL/PCL tear that Ware endured last season is a significant injury, perhaps harder to come back from than a torn ACL. The Chiefs also signed Damien Williams in the offseason, so Ware isn’t the only back in line behind Hunt.

Bottom Line

As good as Ware looked in 2016, his injury last year opened the door for Kareem Hunt, and as we head toward the 2018 season, Ware appears to have little more than handcuff value for now.

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