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Sammy Watkins

Wide Receiver • Chiefs

2018 Projections

99 51 772 5


The Chiefs made an aggressive move to add Watkins in free agency, signing him to a three-year, $48-million contract. A dangerous vertical threat with a career average of 15.9 yards per catch, Watkins should be a good match for young Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes, who has a cannon for an arm. Although Watkins hasnít bowled us over with his numbers since entering the league in 2014, few people question the talent of the former No. 4 overall draft pick.


Although Watkins might have been pleased with the amount of money in the deal, Kansas City was hardly an ideal landing spot for him as far as potential usage. He joins a pass-catching corps that already includes high-volume TE Travis Kelce and ascending WR Tyreek Hill, which means that Watkinsí 2018 season in K.C. could look a lot like his 2017 season in L.A., with Watkins serving as a decoy, while two of his teammates out-target and out-catch him. Watkins has a somewhat troubling injury history that includes foot problems.

Bottom Line

We believe in the talent, but Watkins once again finds himself in a statistically unfriendly environment. Itís going to be hard for him to produce consistently usable fantasy numbers with Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill around.

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