Samaje Perine

Running Back • Washington

2018 Projections

89 350 4 20 162 1


It took Perine some time to gain traction during his rookie season, but he looked like a legitimate lead back in Weeks 11-12, when he had a 23-117-1 rushing performance against the Saints, followed by a 24-100-0 day against the Giants. The 5-10, 236-pound Perine is built for early-down and goal-line work and is not one to shy away from oncoming tacklers. Though he never fired on all cylinders as a rookie, he was productive throughout his three-year college career at Oklahoma.


Aside from two November games, Perine was mostly unimpressive as a rookie, and his per-carry average reflects that. Washington senior VP of player personnel Doug Williams said during the offseason “we need to upgrade at running back.” Chris Thompson is locked into the passing-down role, and Perine will have to compete with rookie Derrius Guice for early-down work.

Bottom Line

With his physical running style, Perine could be a factor at the goal line and on early downs, but his rookie-year performance suggests that he’ll never be a lead back.

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