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Royce Freeman

Running Back • Broncos

2018 Projections

220 898 6 26 214


Productive from the get-go at Oregon, Freeman ran for 1,365 yards and 18 touchdowns as a freshman in 2014, then ran for 1,836 yards and 17 touchdowns as a sophomore. He fell short of the 1,000-yard mark as a junior in part because of a nagging injury, but he bounced back as a senior with 1,475 rushing yards and 16 touchdowns, becoming the school’s all-time leading rusher. The 5-11, 229-pound Freeman is built to handle a heavy load and has experience as a workhorse. He’s also a competent pass catcher. Freeman walks into a wide-open RB situation in Denver and will have a chance to carve out a significant role right away.


Freeman doesn’t have exception-al speed and doesn’t always show a great deal of power on inside runs. He dealt with injuries over his final two seasons at Oregon and didn’t look as good as he had in his freshman and sophomore campaigns. Freeman might have to share work with Devontae Booker and/or De’Angelo Henderson.

Bottom Line

A prolific college performer who was drafted by a team with a pronounced need at running back, Freeman has a chance to emerge as a big-time fantasy contributor early on.

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